Benefits of MySQL Hosting


MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) that offers a range of tools for database management, optimization, and querying.  Because it’s open source and extremely versatile, it has become popular for a variety of applications and many web hosting companies offer it as part of their web hosting packages.  If you’re looking for web hosting, we believe it just makes sense to look for a company that offers MySQL hosting so you can take advantage of all the powerful tools associated with this popular RDBMS, as well as its unparalleled speed, reliability, and versatility.  Here’s more about all the benefits of MySQL hosting to help you understand what MySQL can do for your company.

Data Security

Any company that accepts credit card payments should absolutely be concerned about data security.  After all, a single breech could mean negative consequences for you and your customers, and once the word gets out, it could mean the end of your business.  When it comes to data security, MySQL is already trusted by the creators of some of the largest web-based applications in the world, including WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter.  If these companies trust MySQL to manage the data of their millions of users, you know you can rely on it to protect your customers’ data.

Speed and Performance

Whether you’re running an e-commerce site or any other type of site, every second counts.  Allowing your customers to find the information they need quickly and reliably can mean the difference between them buying from you or buying from someone else.  MySQL is designed to handle millions of queries every day and when you choose MySQL hosting, you can put that power to work for you. Whether you need the capability to process transactions quickly or you’re running an application that requires top performance, MySQL can be configured to meet those demands every single time.

Flexibility and Versatility

For businesses of all sizes, the best tools are the ones that can be used for a variety of purposes and can be adapted to meet the demands of changing circumstances.  As the most commonly used RDBMS, MySQL works with a huge number of tools and user interfaces, allowing it to be customized for the specific purposes of any type of company.  As web development has evolved and changed over the past two decades, MySQL has kept up, and companies have seen big returns on the time and money they’ve invested in learning about it.  When you use MySQL hosting, you’re investing in a technology that’s likely to be around for decades to come and that can keep pace in a rapidly changing environment.

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