Is It Time for My Business to Step Up to Managed Cloud Hosting?


As your business grows, your computing needs are bound to change.  Just like a child outgrows their clothes as they get older, your business can outgrow your web hosting solutions.  Whether you’re currently managing your servers in-house on physical hardware or you’re paying someone for hosting services, there will come a point where doing everything yourself no longer makes sense.  When you reach that point, it’s prudent to examine other options and determine which one will be best for you in the future. Are you wondering if you’ve reached that crossroads?

You Need Better Security

Every website, especially those that maintain a large database of valuable customer information, needs to implement security solutions to prevent malicious intrusions and DDoS attacks.  If your customer base is growing, it’s important for you to protect their data from hackers and scammers. When your business is low profile, you may be able to handle security in-house, but as it grows, you likely won’t have the time, energy, or financial resources to keep up with the requirements of an ever-changing world.  Instead of hiring a dedicated, in-house web security team, you can get a much better value by migrating your resources to the cloud and having them managed by a company like GigeNET. We offer 100% secure servers with additional options like DDoS attack mitigation to help you protect yourself and your customers.

You Need Redundancy

If you don’t have redundancy built in to your network, you’re making a huge gamble.  Power outages, hardware failures, and theft can all potentially take your business offline for good.  Storing data on redundant systems can be a good solution to maintain backups, but this can be costly and can take a significant investment of time.  Rather than maintain your own redundant systems, why not migrate your data to a managed cloud? With a managed cloud, you gain the benefit of nearly infinite redundancy without having to invest in your own physical servers.  That way, when disasters happen, you’ll be ready for them.

Your Computing Costs Are Too High

As we mentioned already, the costs associated with maintaining an in-house, redundant network can be significant.  To do this job yourself, you’ll need to hire and equip a dedicated team of network engineers, not to mention the time you’ll have to spend supervising them.  The costs of a private network are more than just money, as performing the aforementioned tasks can detract from your business’s ability to take care of day-to-day operations and innovate for the future.  By switching to managed cloud hosting, you’ll be taking a lot of little jobs off your plate, allowing you to focus on your core business and ensure your customers are satisfied.

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