Sports Safety 101: Why You Should Always Wear Protective Gear


The main reason to wear safety equipment when playing sports is to avoid injury. There’s still a risk of injury anytime you play due of a lack of warming up or a damaged playing surface, but you can limit injuries when you choose the correct protective equipment for your sport.

The AAA State of Play website reports over 2.5 million children and youth athletes seeking medical help with their injuries each year in the U.S. alone. Obviously, the most important aspect of wearing the correct protective equipment is the ability to limit the damage done to you when you are playing a sport.

Technology is constantly evolving with sports protective equipment worn today. They’re far more innovative and successful than they were just one or two decades ago. For most individuals playing youth sports, the problem is not that the equipment they are wearing is defective, but an unwillingness to wear it. As a participant or parent, you may face the common issue of peer pressure on your young athlete driving them to show they are tough by not wearing the correct equipment at practice or in games. By not being willing to wear the correct protective equipment, you will be opening up to the possibility of being affected by a traumatic injury.

Sports injuries can vary greatly in severity and can be caused by a range of incidents. It’s important to be as prepared as possible before you start practicing or playing a game. A great way to stay safe during play is by wearing protective gear. Although you may not like how it looks, it will help greatly by reducing the chances of injury. Proper gear for Coed soccer in Bethesda, MD is to ensure every participant enjoys the game.

When playing sports, there’s always a chance of injury. Even though protective gear cannot cover every inch of your body or protect fully from hard collisions, by wearing protective gear, you’re making the odds of getting hurt significantly smaller.

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