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This article was updated on June 9th, 2020.

How to be Successful in the Adult E-Commerce Niche

More than ever, shoppers are turning to the internet for their needs. It’s far more convenient and it also provides some element of discretion and anonymity. For those who are looking to buy sex toys and other adult toys, the desire to remain anonymous is high. That’s what drives many to look for an online adult sex shop to satisfy their needs. Running an online sex shop, however, isn’t always easy. It’s a business just like any other and is prone to ups and downs. An e-commerce SEO agency can make a difference for anyone, but in the adult industry it is highly competitive. We’ve interviewed hundreds of marketing agencies for adult industry and found one that provided us a great case study on Cupid’s Box an adult e-commerce site.

To help you run an adult e-commerce store successfully, consider some of these tips.

1. Array of Products

One of the most exciting aspects of the sex industry is that new things are always being made. People love pleasure. They’re always looking for new ways to expand that pleasure. That’s something you can benefit from. While you can always sell to your customers traditional dildos and toys, you can also keep your products interesting by including these new inventions and products.

The key is to have something for everyone. Whether your customers are into light-play or heavy-duty play like BDSM, they’ll all shop at the same store provided you have the products for them. To keep your adult business relevant, you need to keep bringing attention to new products that can make their experience even better.

2. Sell Accessories

Most couples will buy one or two sex toys and then be good for a while. Sex toys are typically built to last for a long time. You can keep people returning to your adult e-commerce store by providing things that they’re going to need to buy often. This can be toy cleaner, powders, lubricant, and other accessories that they can use to enhance their play.

While the toys will be the big purchases that can make for a good payday all around, it’s the accessories that will keep you afloat month-to-month.

3. Advertise

Just like any other business, an adult sex toys website needs to advertise. Location is just as important. You may not be able to advertise on TV or through the newspaper, but you still have the vast internet that you can utilize. The idea is to advertise in areas that will drive traffic to your site. So, you might want to see about advertising on sites that offer erotica or other adult-oriented activities.

People go there because they’re aroused or want to be aroused. When they see a particularly enticing advertisement from you on that page, they’ll click and perhaps their desires will drive them to purchase something for themselves. You might want to try an affiliate marketing program for the sites that you partner with or some other form of program that helps your advertisements grow in number.

4. Stay Discrete

The reason that people buy sex toys online is because they enjoy the anonymity of it. If you do away with that anonymity, then you’re likely going to find that your customers are leaving. Use standard and unmarked cardboard boxes.

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