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If you have been contemplating divorce for some time, or are newly separated and unsure what to do next, then mediation might be the best option. Here are the top 10 benefits of this process.


One of the overriding benefits is that it’s cost-effective. Mediation is much less expensive than litigation, where the costs can be overwhelming, and both parties end up spending far more than they had planned.

No court appearances

Another benefit is that both parties don’t have to appear in court, and there’s no need for lawyers or judges, which can be costly. The divorce lawyer in Long Island takes on the role of an impartial referee, working with you and your spouse to try and resolve all outstanding issues.

Easier on children

Children are less stressed if they aren’t dragged through a lengthy divorce process that could end up in court, intimidating for them. They often prefer divorce mediation in Long Island to avoid this scenario.

Fewer arguments

Both parties tend to be more cooperative and willing to compromise when they’re in mediation. This leads to fewer conflicts about things like child custody and parenting time schedules.


If you opt for mediation, it will take less time to resolve all your issues than if you choose litigated divorce. You can quickly be divorced within six months through mediation; by contrast, a litigated divorce can drag on for several years.

Better outcomes

Because you’re open to discussing all your options, mediation is much more productive than litigation, usually about going into court and arguing for your position.

Legal rights are protected.

One of the most significant benefits is that mediation ensures you don’t lose your legal rights. Your lawyer will make sure everything is documented correctly and that everyone agrees before proceeding with the divorce.

Feel more in control

You’re more likely to feel like an equal partner throughout the mediation process instead of having someone else make all the decisions for you. There’s also more time to make an informed decision about everything, rather than having to rush or give in to things you disagree with for the sake of expediency.

More Confidential

Divorce mediation is very confidential, as opposed to a litigated divorce, which all too often ends up in the media. The mediator acts as a confidentiality buffer between you and your spouse so that everything remains private from start to finish.

You Are More Involved in the Process

Mediation gives you a lot more say in how your divorce plays out, so you stay in control throughout the entire process. This means that you’re less likely to be victimized by the legal system and lose all your assets in the process.

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