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If you’re embarking on a new sports facility build, you know the number of moving parts involved in the process. With such a complex project, some things can get overlooked. Here are five key considerations to make when planning and building any new sports facility! 

1. Make Sure You Have A Large Enough Location

The first thing to take into consideration when designing a sports facility is ensuring you have enough space. Whether you are renovating a facility already in existence or you are starting out fresh, you need to make sure you have adequate space available to make the facility of your dreams!

 2. Verify the Needs of Your Audience & Capacity Regulations

When you are designing a sports facility, take a look at the legal occupancy capacity. This is particularly if you will be housing vendors and concession stands for large groups of people. Another important consideration is the number of teams and events your facility will be hosting. In planning a sports facility, every detail is important, from the number of seats to the correct placement of lighting.

3. Take into Consideration How the Facility will be Utilized

How you want to utilize your facility and the goals you have for it are also important to consider in the planning stages. Your goals will inform what style of turf or flooring you choose–either natural or artificial turf. Consider what types of sports are going to be played on the field and how often. Are you building a single sport or multi-sport facility? It’s also important to ask yourself what types of events and traffic volume you plan to host. Will the field be utilized for tournaments, games, and practices? If so, then you need to ensure you invest in a turf type that augments embellished endurance.

4. Consider Your Build and Maintenance Budget

When planning a sports facility, your budget is the most important factor. If you’re unsure of the potential costs for your dream facility, an artificial turf cost calculator can help you plan. You should also consider the budget you’re allotting for maintenance services. Depending on the type of field or flooring materials you choose, maintenance needs will vary in order to keep your players safe.

Build A Sports Facility Your Players Can Count On

Building a quality sports facility provides players with a safe and beautiful place to play their favorite sports. When you take all of these things into account in the planning stages, you’ll have a more successful outcome! 

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