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Marketing is almost nothing like it was in the past. Before online marketing, businesses had to physically get the word out to people about their business. This was done using methods such as word of mouth marketing and costly ad placement. These old-fashioned marketing methods are known as traditional marketing. While traditional marketing is still widely used today, they are not nearly as effective as online marketing. In nutshell, online marketing has reversed the ways businesses attract clients. Instead of having to physically go out to ask for clients with a traditional marketing method, online marketing allows businesses to conveniently place themselves online when a client searches for them. This can be done through cost-effective online ad placement or organic ranking strategies. Overall, these strategies have proven to be the most effective way to market a business in today’s internet-first world. That said, what’s most interesting about online marketing today is that it continues to grow. With the advancement and continuous growth of the internet itself, it’s not a far stretch to say that online marketing will one day be a necessary step for starting and running a business. This fact also makes it interesting to look back at the many ways online marketing has changed and improved since it was first created. With this in mind, let’s go over five of the many ways online marketing has grown in recent years.

#1: It Has Gotten More Accurate
Arguably the most beneficial way online marketing has grown is that it has become more accurate in all phases. From the analytics it produces to the filters it allows users to place an ad in, the amazing accuracy with which online marketing platforms perform seems to be getting better.

#2: It Has Crossed Over Different Search Engines
Many people associate online marketing with the Google search engine. While this search engine is primarily responsible for the creation and constant improvement of online marketing, it’s not the only player that uses it today. Online marketing has also grown into being used by a few other respectable search engines.

#3: It Has Led to The Creation of Marketing Plugins
One of the key elements to benefiting from online marketing is having a website. Well, online marketing has grown to the point where websites can simply download a marketing plugin to benefit from these strategies even easier.

#4: It Has Integrated With Social Media
Other than online marketing itself, another area that has seen tremendous growth over the years has been social media. Social media is a part of nearly everybody that has or uses and internet connection. Because of this, it’s no surprise to see that online marketing has found a way to grow into that niche as well.

#5: It Has Contributed To The Online Content Overload Era
The growth of the internet has resulted in something known as the information overload era. Essentially, this era talks about the many resources of information that are available online through different forms of content. Given that content creation is a big part of using an online marketing strategy effectively, it’s safe to say that online marketing has been a big contributor to the online content overload that thrives today.

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