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Start your side hustle

Making money can be challenging, especially if you find yourself strapped for cash. Side hustles are a smart way to build a passive income that helps you earn more and keeps you employed while building your skillset. They allow you to create something on the side of your main job or work on something else that’s important to you. With so many side hustles out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Here are 7 side hustles that are worth pursuing.

1. Begin A Blog:

Starting a blog and working with different affiliate programs is an excellent way to make residual income. We use WA to host all my clients’ sites because they have the best customer service around, and it’s super easy to set up a site. Once you have a few established websites running, start promoting them. The second strategy would be email marketing. You can sign up at for as little as $15 per month. This program allows you to capture those emails from people who come to your website. Then market directly through their inbox.

2. Run A Youtube Channel Or Podcast

Creating content on Youtube and distributing it through platforms like Amazon is a great way to generate residual income. It doesn’t require much time upfront outside of creating high-quality content. As long as you continue producing high-quality videos even when no one is watching, then you will eventually see results. This strategy works well and has paid off tremendously well for me. Another option is to start a podcast and market it on iTunes and other platforms.

3. Begin An Online Store

Having an Etsy shop is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make extra money side hustling. Remember to keep your costs low and take advantage of free shipping on most items. That’s a perfect example of how you can get started making some money fast without having to spend too much. You’ll need to provide good pictures and descriptions, though.

4. Teach English Online

Teaching ESL online might seem intimidating, but it is extremely straightforward. There are plenty of companies that hire professionals to help teach ESL to students. All you need is a computer or laptop to log onto Skype or some other similar platform. You can charge anywhere between 10-20 dollars an hour, depending on the language that you speak.

5. Drive For Uber

If you don’t have any experience driving and you live near a city with a large population, you should consider starting to drive for Uber. You can qualify by applying for a permit in many cities if you pass a background check and drug test. Although you won’t start reaping the benefits right away, you will become more qualified as you earn more hours of experience. Eventually, you can work towards saving enough so you can quit your day job and work exclusively as a driver.

6. Take Surveys

Market research teams don’t just use surveys – anyone looking to earn a passive income should try survey taking. Many big brands pay big bucks to ensure they only choose the opinions of those who are likely to say yes to whatever they are selling. Surveys range from short multiple-choice questions, which take less than five minutes and reward approximately $0.50, to in-depth opinion questionnaires, which can take up to 15 minutes and reward only $1 worth of their product. The longer and better it is written, the higher a price point there will generally be, meaning writers can find themselves earning hundreds rather quickly. To avoid scams, be careful who you click on the link for.

Are you looking for a side hustle to make an extra income? Start your new source of income today!

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