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24 Jul, Wednesday
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Cute dog at home

Summer is known to be a scorcher to animals too. If you own a pup, you need to take extra measures to ensure your dog is relaxed and hydrated. The following are seven great products to keep your pup cool and comfortable during summer.

Cooling Mat

Cooling mats can stay cooler for up to 10 degrees than room temperature. The rugs start cooling immediately dogs get on them. They are bought with gel lining that helps them stay cool. They are portable and do not need batteries or refrigeration. You can find them in a dog boutique.

Cooling Vest

There are different types of cooling vests. Some are designed with pockets with ice packs to bring a cooling effect on dogs, while others are made of lightweight nylon and neoprene that store water and have an outer layer that reflects heat from the sun. Water later absorbs heat from the dog as it evaporates hence giving a cooling effect. When your dog’s vest dries up, you wet it to keep up the cooling.

Highwave Autodogmug

US human society recommends outdoor exercise to keep your dog safe during hot days. If you have old or disabled dogs, dog strollers can help them get out and about without trouble. Just the way we would carry some water when venturing out, dogs too need water to cool them during exercise. Highwave Autodogmug has an inbuilt dog bowl to reduce spillage and is easy to wash.

Pet Crate Fan

Ensure your dog is comfortable with a two-speed fan when in the kennel or whenever you are on a trip. The fan has compact features like an in-build thermometer and is battery-operated. It is also pet-friendly because it operates quietly so, it won’t scare your dog. It provides the environment with proper air circulation hence protecting your dog from overheating.

Elevated Dog Bed

It keeps your dog at about eight inches off the ground hence promoting airflow that cools the dog. It also helps the dog reduce pressure on the joints. It is; resistant to UV light/abrasion, waterproof, durable, and repels mildew/ molds to enhance its outdoors durability. Such a breathable elevated dog bed creates an excellent environment that allows your dog to have a relaxant chill.

Cooling Bandana

It is a cooling accessory made with cold sensing and heat-resistant material. You can dip the bandana in water, wring out, and put it in the fridge for about ten minutes, and then you can wrap it around your dog’s neck.


Taking care of your dogs helps you build a healthy relationship with them. Dogs are best known for reciprocating the treatment they get from their owners. To protect your dog during the season, you need to look for products that are safe, portable, and durable.

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