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Junk removal companies have been busy over the last few months. Thousands of junk removal teams around the country strive to assist communities and eliminate stress from people’s lives through junk removal in Philadelphia, PA. Here is a list of the most commonly removed junk items.


Junk removal companies pick up thousands of televisions every year. Regardless of whether your television is not working properly, or you’re in the process of purchasing a new one, make sure that you properly dispose of the television. Many televisions contain hazardous materials such as mercury. Consider taking your TV to a recycling center. The recycling center will dispose of the TV in a safe manner while also keeping the parts that still have value.


Junk removal companies get rid of mattresses from different homes and businesses. Many people get rid of mattresses once they have decided that they can no longer sleep on it. The metal springs are shredded and then sold. Mattress foam is often used as additional material for carpets.


Many junk removal companies have gotten rid of lawnmowers. Some people have expressed that lawnmowers often become eyesores once they are no longer use-able. Lawnmowers simply collect dust and rust.


Once your refrigerator is no longer working anymore, junk removal companies dispose of it. Junk removal companies dispose of thousands of fridges every year. Sometimes, the fridges are taken to a recycling facility. Many of the materials on the refrigerator are eventually resold.


If you don’t take care of your sofa, it will lose its value very quickly. Sofas are easily ripped and stained. Eventually, sofas get worn out and they must be replaced. It’s possible that you may be able to donate your sofa to a local charitable organization.


Pianos are becoming increasingly popular as removable items. Many people believe that their pianos have become too beaten up to function properly, while others believe that their piano is obsolete.


Junk removal companies pick up tires from different vehicles. Thousands of tires are removed every year.

Screen Doors

Many people are starting to have their screen doors removed. Screen doors often provide an awkward fit inside of a vehicle, which is why people are turning to junk removal companies.


During the winter, many people hire junk removal companies to get rid of their barbecue grills.

Exercise Equipment

Once your old treadmill and elliptical no longer have value, you can find some space in your home by getting rid of them.

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