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Patio outdoor living space on the lake with beautiful landscape design

When thinking about turning our home into our dream home, one of the first projects many homeowners start is creating an outdoor oasis. Today, more homeowners are upgrading their backyards to make a living space that adds to their home’s functionality and square footage. Creating a backyard oasis provides a sense of tranquility, offers additional space to entertain, and creates privacy from nosey neighbors.

Before starting to design your outdoor retreat, speak with one of the many hardscaping companies in Bucks County to learn more about creating the perfect outdoor living space for you and your home’s needs. Continue reading to learn more about how you can create your ultimate outdoor retreat using these luxurious landscape design ideas:

An Oasis for Tranquility

Several things can be done to increase the luxury of your backyard space. Adding a pool, hot tub, small pond (with or without Koi), fountains, waterfalls, and other features can provide a relaxing, tranquil feeling.

Adding luxury outdoor furniture and oversize plants can provide peace while sitting by the pool or relaxing by a trickling waterfall. Illuminating your backyard with twinkling lights or other luxurious lighting options can create a calm space while still usable when the sun goes down.

An Oasis for Entertainment

Several features can be added to turn your backyard into a space for entertainment. If you love cooking, install an outdoor kitchen using the best materials and masonry to create unique cooking spaces. Don’t forget to add plenty of seating near your outdoor kitchen so you can entertain friends and family while cooking.

Are you a sports fanatic? Create an area with an outdoor television, plenty of seating, and lots of sports theming for the perfect place to invite friends and family to watch the big game.

An Oasis for Privacy

Adding large plants to the perimeter of your backyard can provide a sense of privacy and add to the tranquility of the space. Some plants work better than others to offer privacy and help reduce noise from busy streets and noisy neighbors.

Large wood or stone privacy fences can also be added to increase your privacy when using your new, luxurious backyard oasis. Various materials and fence designs help add a unique touch to your backyard while providing privacy.

Hardscaping & Landscaping Companies Can Help

Are you looking for a way to add to your home’s entertainment space? Consider giving your home a backyard resort-level makeover, which can transform your backyard into the retreat you design from your dream home. For additional assistance creating your backdoor oasis, speak with local landscapers in Bucks County

Designing Outdoor Kitchens for Culinary Enthusiasts  

Our outdoor spaces allow adding additional square footage to enjoy at home. Creating the perfect area for entertainment, including an outdoor kitchen, puts everything you need in one location so you can enjoy being outside when friends and family visit. If you love to cook, you want to make sure your outdoor kitchen has everything you need, including a functioning layout, appliances, a prep station, storage space, lighting, and shelter from the elements.

Check out some of our tips when creating outdoor kitchens in Bucks County:

Set a Budget

Before getting started with the design of your outdoor kitchen, you need to create a budget. Your budget will ultimately determine your new outdoor space’s size, design, layout, and additional features. Items to consider when setting a budget may include the following:

  • Materials
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Access to utilities

Select the Location

Where your outdoor kitchen is located is as important as the design, layout, and tools. You may first be tempted to build your outdoor kitchen in a remote corner of the yard or an unused backyard area. Though this may feel like the best choice, there are better options than this.

The best place to build your outdoor cooking area is close to the house near your home’s indoor kitchen entrance. Creating the outdoor kitchen in an area with access to your indoor kitchen makes it easier when you need something from the kitchen to run in, grab it, and get back to cooking before something burns.

Additionally, you want to place the outdoor kitchen in an area with plenty of space for outdoor seating. Plenty of seating space near your outdoor kitchen allows you to entertain guests while cooking and quickly serve the food.


To provide you with ample space to prepare and cook meals in your outdoor kitchen, you want to have enough counter space for a prep station. Additionally, having plenty of storage and outdoor appliances make it easy to grab the tools you need and store ingredients, beverages, and other food items while cooking.

Remember to include a design for proper lighting so you can cook at night and shelter to protect yourself and your guests from inclement weather while providing shade.

Rely On The Professionals

Creating an outdoor cooking area with appliances and other necessities will have you feeling like a culinary expert as you prepare meals and entertain family and friends. A company specializing in landscape design in Bucks County, PA, can help you determine the best location and design your ultimate outdoor kitchen area!

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