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Safety Inspection at Plant

In warehouse work, many different safety training options can be applied. These options range from daily updates in the APC (articles, publications, and conference calls), OSHA-approved courses, which includes e-learning courses. However, the most appropriate option will depend on your company’s job tasks and role; this is important because these decisions should be based on what is needed for worker safety and not simply what’s available.

Some companies offer different ways to train with us that will help improve your workplace safety and health outcomes. These five options are low cost, fast, easy to set up, and minimal impact on employee downtime and productivity.

To get the best training possible, it’s important to choose a training provider that is a good fit for your business. It will make your life easier and ensure you’re getting the best possible training.

Warehouse Safety & Health Optimization (pre-hire)

1-day safety/health simulator training for existing or new employees going into an ERS certified warehouse where OSHA requirements exist under appropriate state oversight.

Employee Safety & Health Education (education)

One day ten topic safety & health class available in Spanish or English utilizes an interactive trainer presentation via computer, a classroom discussion led by a trainer who uses examples from real-life situations where accidents can happen to bridge the gap between theory and practical applications of theory the material. Perfect for regular employee orientation for new employees or as a general refresher course for existing employees.

Warehouse Safety & Health Training (infrastructure)

This option is perfect for new employees going into an ERS-certified warehouse where OSHA requirements exist under appropriate state oversight.

Specific Hazard Identification Training

It’s a one-day program covering HVAC safety and prevention issues associated with employee exposure to VOCs.

VOC training

This three-day program covers VOCs and their toxicity and safety in real-life scenarios.

Main Sources of an accident in a warehouse

-Falls from a height

-Injury and death from forklift machine when handled incorrectly


According to forklift certifications in PA, a certificate should be insured to a trainee who has completed a forklift safety training session, including a written exam and a practical driving test. By doing so, there will be minimal chances of an accident occurrence. Also, health and safety training in Philadelphia, PA advocates the importance of health and safety training, which equips the trainee with the required skills and tips on how to take part in warehouse tasks with low chances of experiencing accidents. Improper training can cause accidents, injuries, and even occupational diseases. So one should always be cautious when it comes to which warehouse safety training program to choose.

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