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Man disinfects his laptop, cleaning keyboard . Wipe with rubbing alcohol spray and disinfectant

For businesses looking to get their offices cleaned during the coronavirus pandemic, having professional services and proper supplies may pose challenges. Many pro cleaners, who have industrial-level disinfectants and sanitizers, are closed. Most stores have shortages of cleaning supplies. We found a company offering touch point cleaning services in San Diego, Irvine, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, CA.

If your office is on lockdown or limiting traffic, now is the opportunity you may never have again to deep-clean. Cleaners might get the job done quicker, however, you can efficiently and quickly get the job done if you tackle it on your own or in rotations with a small personal team. Everyone should buy or improvise protective gear whether you use professional services, yourself, or a few employees.

Professional Services Are Available

Many businesses are still open but have changed how they operate. In most cases, phone and website bookings have replaced walk-ins and in-person appointments. Check well-reviewed cleaning service websites to find out if they are operational.

Start Small

Due to limited supplies, most solutions can be diluted, and soap with hot water can suffice. Wash gloves or protective gear in hot water to conserve resources and avoid running out.

More hand-washing is ineffective if devices and small things remain full of germs. Disinfection should start with small, constantly used surfaces. Some of these surfaces include:

  • Office phones, dial pads, receivers, indoor/outdoor intercom systems
  • Light switches, doorknobs, file cabinet handles
  • Keyboards, desktops, screens, remote controls
  • Water coolers, vending machines

Pay Special Attention to Staff Lounges

Staff lounges and break areas go against social distancing and coronavirus best practices. Employees go there to kick back, unwind and fraternize. This whole area requires an overhaul.

Spray down the microwave, refrigerator, and coffee machine. Include the backs and handles of chairs people don’t realize they touch. After sanitizing tabletops and countertops, add disposable and waterproof runners or tablecloths the staff can discard often.

Place disinfectants and towels on prominent displays to encourage use. Finish off with friendly, posted reminders to clean. Increase space between tables and chairs.

Reset and Redesign

Cleaning offers the chance to take charge and start fresh. Disinfecting your office can be a huge step in the right direction.

Plan to Maintain After Coronavirus

The coronavirus gave businesses a wake-up call. Your future plan of action should include quarterly professional cleanings. Update all staff members on new protocols.

While these times are difficult and uncertain, successful people see the silver lining in every circumstance. The days when your office will be bustling again are on the horizon. When those days return, you will have confidence your staff and clientele are all protected well.

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