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Medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems are meant to offer ailing senior members of the community or anyone with a medical emergency an immediate response. The systems come with a help button that automatically dials up and connects you to a live agent at an emergency response center.

Basic medical alert systems have a base unit installed in your home and have a portable button you can wear around. If you are always on the move, consider GPS-based mobile devices, cellular options, and others that automatically raise the alarm if they detect a fall.

How to Choose the Best Medical Alert Systems

If you’re looking for the best medical alert system in Texas or anywhere in the U.S, we have some factors to help you arrive at the best;

Device and Additional Features Availability

A good medical alert system provider should provide a variety of medical alert system brands and add-on devices. Some will provide additional features such as GPS position tracking, automated fall detection, and a caregiver mobile app.


Before settling on a medical alert system company, it is important to review their quotation. Avoid those that charge excessive equipment fees or push you to sign long-term contracts.

Customer Service

A good company will offer you live customer care services and support, whether on phone or online messaging. Consider customer reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings, as they shed light on the companies quality of service.

Monitoring Center Reliability

Ensure your company monitoring center is certified by organizations like Underwriter’s Laboratory or The Monitoring Association. They should also have systems like a backup center to divert calls in case of issues like power surges to ensure you can get to them at any time, round the clock.

Get to know about their response system as some have automated answering services that could be less effective than having a live agent respond to your emergency calls.


When is the best time to invest in a medical alert system?

It is not wise to wait until an emergency to invest in an alert system. If your loved one or you have a medical condition or are becoming physically vulnerable, it is best to invest in one as soon as possible.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a medical alert system includes equipment costs, normal monthly fees, and, in certain cases, annual fees. You may also be charged additional monthly fees for additional services.

Does it require professional installation?

These alert systems are often simple to install and do not necessitate any mechanical knowledge or skill, as the majority only need to be plugged in. However, if installation is a worry for you, look for a provider that offers this service for free or a small free.

A medical alert system is key in ensuring your medical emergencies are promptly responded to, and only a reliable company will help you achieve this. If you want to sleep assured that your loved one is safe, contact us for quality medical alert systems and devices.

Vital-Link has medical alert systems in Maine and across the U.S. catering to all your specific needs.

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