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The Art of Collaboration: How to Work Effectively with Your Interior Designer 

Making your Philadelphia home into a living work of art is a lofty goal and one that’s best done with the help of an interior designer. That means hiring one of the top interior designers in Philadelphia to get the job done and get the results you’re after.

Present Your Vision Clearly

Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking to make changes to your current layout or want to completely re-do your home, you need to express what it is you want to achieve. You may feel that you want to leave most or all of the work up to the interior designer, but you do have a say in the process. Make sure to speak up, discuss your concerns, and talk about your ultimate vision for your home.

It’s the job of the interior designer to draw up plans and introduce ideas for your Philadelphia home and make it a showcase on your behalf. Go through the rooms one by one and evaluate their use, then make notes for the designer. Taking this step makes it easier for the designer to combine what’s important to you and combine it with their signature style.

Listen to What the Interior Designer Has to Say

You’re hiring an interior designer for your home because you want their expertise. That means listening to her suggestions, paying attention to the details big and small, and taking the time to visualize the details. Her job is to transform your home into something unique and exciting while focusing on the fact it also has to be livable.

It’s important to keep an open mind during the design process. This helps the interior designer communicate their plans, design ideas, and suggestions they have based on their experience. You always have the freedom to make changes to the plans, but the interior designer can help you avoid making mistakes in practical and functional matters. She can give you invaluable insight into the process while delivering a beautiful space for you to reside in.

Be Willing to Compromise

The interior design process is rarely a linear one, and it’s also not a fixed process. That is, what sounded good in the beginning may not work out as well as you hoped it would. Change and compromise come into play to make the design concept work for you and your home.

Compromise isn’t a sign of failure, nor is it detrimental to your interior design plans. It can improve upon the original plan and make something better than originally planned. You may have fallen in love with the original idea, but being willing to compromise and accept a change can also be rewarding.

Trust the Interior Designer’s Judgment

Interior designers earn their reputation because they have an innate sense of what works together well. You may not always be comfortable with their choices, but their instincts are always right when it comes to creating the interior of your dreams. They’re also mindful of the fact that you’ll be the person living in the house, not them, which means they’ll strive to do right by you.

Create the Interior Design of Your Dreams

Larisa McShane & Associates is an award-winning interior designer who specializes in luxury interior design in Villanova, PA and the surrounding areas. She focuses on helping her clients develop their personal vision while applying her design expertise to the interior of the home. Her skill in applying design principles is in a league of its own, and she can weave any design aesthetic into your home to make it a place that meets your needs and desires. Call today to make an appointment and learn more about what Larisa McShane & Associates can do for your home.

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