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fence and lawn on tea farm

Fences serve an important purpose if you have a farm. They help keep your livestock inside and protect your crops. However, you have many options when it comes to fencing in Furlong, PA. The following is a list of fences that you should consider choosing.

Barbed Wire Fence

If you have cattle, then you should ask a fencing company in Richboro, PA if a barbed wire fence is the right option. Barbed wire fences are great for confining livestock because they naturally deter the animals from trying to leave. Barbed wire fencing is not an attractive option, but it is great for keeping your animals safe.

Woven Wire Fences

Woven wire fences are great for farms that have horses. The horses will not be able to get their hooves tangled up in it. This fence is effective for keeping the animals inside of the farm. They will have to tear the fence apart in order to get out, which will not be easy for them to do.

Field Fence

A field fence is a type of wire fence. This type of fencing is ideal for farms that have large livestock, such as hogs and cattle. You have two options for field fencing, which are hinge-joint knot fencing and fixed-knot fencing. A hinge-joint knot fence has vertical wires that are wrapped around the horizontal ones. A fixed-knot fence has wire intersections that are secured from both directions.

Chicken Wire Fencing

As the name suggests, chicken wiring fencing is designed to confine poultry. It is a lightweight type of fencing. It can also be used to keep out hawks and foxes.

Electric Fence

Electric fences are the newest type of fencing available. It will send an electric current in order to deter the livestock from getting out of it. This fencing is also effective for getting predators out. It is important for you to practice safety precautions when you are using this type of fencing.

The fence should be visible to both humans and animals. You will also need to educate people about fencing. Make sure that you tell children to avoid touching the fence. Additionally, there should be plenty of space for the animals to walk around it.

Snow Fence

Pennsylvania has snowy winters. That is why it is a good idea for you to install a snow fence. These fences are made out of strong material that can withstand ice and snow.

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