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Window Replacement

Window repair and installations are both jobs and require a certain amount of skill. But, they’re also different because although in the same business, they are performed by completely different people. The skills required for an installation job will be different from those needed for a window repair – just as there is a specific type of carpenter who can do either job. A general contractor may hire someone to install windows while he/she hires another person to perform repairs on broken windows. The differences between window repair and installations include:

1. Skill level:

Window Repair requires less training than installing windows (although all work should be done properly). Thus, it generally has a lower entry-level salary range than an installer. If you have experience with home improvement projects but no formal training and certification in construction, you may want to start doing window repair first.

2. Time frame involved in each task:

Window installations may take days or even weeks to complete depending on the size of your home. The scope of work for a window installation might go beyond installing new siding and replacing old windows to include building custom frames, moldings, trim pieces, etc. While a window repair job usually takes no longer than two to three hours to complete, sometimes it takes even less if a homeowner wants to save some money.

3. Job location:

Most installs are done at ground level inside homes or businesses, but when it comes to window replacement jobs, you’ll find most window replacements on rooftops (or other elevated areas). Some homeowners prefer to have their new windows installed on top of a chimney, so they don’t have to climb up onto roofs to change them out.

4. Cost of work:

Window repair costs less than installing new windows, but if you choose not to have your windows installed properly, then this could mean that you will need to replace the glass again at some point down the line. It’s best always to have your windows installed professionally so you don’t risk spending thousands of dollars later trying to fix them yourself when it should have been done properly in the first place.

5. Tools used:

Window repair will require you to use relatively few cutting and drilling tools, while window installations require numerous tools such as saws, nails, screws, drill bits, hammers, and sanders.

6. Level of expertise required:

Since window installation is much more complicated than window repair, it requires more expertise. As a homeowner, you cannot afford to try to do it yourself. If you try to install windows on your own, you run the risk of causing damage to your home that is expensive and difficult to undo on many occasions.

Both Window Repair and Installations are very important parts of any home, but they’re also very different jobs. Both jobs require a good deal of skill, knowledge, and patience. However, Installations are more complex and technically challenging, requiring a high level of skill and training. An Installation requires a higher starting rate than a Window Repair. For all your Window repairs and installation needs, contact window installations in Philadelphia.

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