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Starting up a new business is a massive undertaking, one that requires significant foresight and thought. Unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs make critical mistakes that doom their startups from the beginning.

1. You Lack the Requisite Knowledge for The Industry

If you are not a subject expert in an industry, it is highly unlikely that you will find success within that discipline. Instead, become an entrepreneur in an industry where you hold significant knowledge.

Hopefully, this post has offered you some valuable insight into the most common mistakes that plague new startup businesses. If you are a new entrepreneur, be sure that you heed this advice to maximize the success of your startup business.

2. Letting Fear Hold You Back

All too often, entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by a sense of fear. As an entrepreneur, you must recognize that fear will only limit you from achieving your end goals.

3. Failing to Develop Strong Customer Relations

For many entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to remember that customers are king. Your business must never forget the importance of maintaining high-quality customer relations.

4. Not Having an Online Marketing Strategy

Regardless of your field of business, it is critical that your company has a website, social media accounts, and other online marketing tactics to enhance brand awareness.

5. Making Miniscule Profits

Many small businesses quickly go out of business due to unexpected expenses. If your business is making small margins, one unexpected cost could sink your firm.

6. Hiring the Wrong Employees

Hiring is one of the most important steps towards an entrepreneurial business reaching maximum success. With that said, you must be sure to hire the right employees who share your goals and passion.

7. Overspending

There is a fine balance between purchasing high-quality equipment and purchasing the most expensive equipment. New entrepreneurs often feel that they need to invest in the best equipment right off the bat. However, this strategy often leaves new businesses filing for bankruptcy within months after they can’t pay the bills.

8. Not Being Held Accountable

All too often, new startups will fail because entrepreneurs fail to hold themselves accountable. By holding yourself accountable, you will set and meet high standards.

9. Failing to Set Goals

Did you know that whenever you set actionable, realistic goals you can increase the chance that your business will be successful? This means that you should consistently set attainable goals that will drive you and your business towards success.

10. Neglecting the Competition

In nearly every industry, there are dozens of competitors vying for profit. Because of this, you should scout your competitors, searching for valuable insight into what drives their success.

Phil Cannella is a contributor to Aligning for Success due to his success with retirement and financial services he provides in the Philadelphia area. To contact Phil Cannella you can reach him through his personal website that has all the information about him. Phil Cannella has his own radio show on WPHT and Legends Radio. Phil Cannella on Retirement Media Inc. Phil Cannella on

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