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Moving a piano may be one of the most intimidating items to move without professional movers in Villanova. Their massive weights, awkward shape, and delicacy make moving them quite the daunting task Below we put together a step by step list on how to move these intricate beauties without damaging them.

The necessary items you’ll need to make this possible include stretch wraps, moving pad or blankets, a four-wheel dolly, and ratchet straps.


  1. Stretch the wrap pads over the top and sides of the piano.
  2. Lift one side of the piano up high until another person can slide the four-wheel dolly underneath the center of the piano and carefully lower it back down onto the dolly.
  3. Secure the piano to the dolly using ratchet straps.
  4. Make sure your path is clear and wheel the dolly out of the house. You’ll need to use ramps for stairs and you’ll most likely need that extra friend to help you slowly lower the piano down these ramps. You don’t want to be in front of a descending piano by yourself.
  5. Bring those ramps outside to the truck and put that good friend to work again by helping you push the piano up the ramps and into the back of your moving truck.
  6. Securely strap the piano to the walls of the moving truck and make sure that there are moving blankets surrounding every side of the piano. It wouldn’t hurt to even purposely pack your mattresses or other large and soft items to neighbor your piano in the back of the moving truck as an extra precautionary measure.

If this seems like a scary task it’s because it is! To ensure the absolute greatest safety of your piano or other delicate items that may be tough to move, call O’Malley Moving Company at (610) 789-5201 to have experienced and trustworthy professionals take care of all your moving needs!

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