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Non-fungible tokens were invented in 2014, if you can believe NFTs have already been around that long, and the world hasn’t been the same since. Way back when, Kevin McCoy created the very first known NFT, Quantum. Existing on the Namecoin blockchain, Quantum is a digital image of a color-changing octagon. It sold for $1.47m in 2021. Fascination with exorbitant sales prices, novelty, and art has attracted many people to the NFT way of life.

How Has NFT Culture Come to Exist?

The rise of the internet has created an ever-growing shift in the ease with which artist’s can share their work with the world. Social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have made people rich and famous without ever having to go through traditional means of getting an agent or signing a record deal. Many fans of NFTs see non-fungible tokens as a way for artists to take control of their work. Artists who were otherwise struggling to get by can see their lives change overnight once their work catches the eye of just the right investor. There is hope that NFTs can serve as an equalizer for spaces that have traditionally been difficult for diverse groups to enter. 

That being said, navigating the world of NFTs is not easy. The learning curb for creating and selling NFTs drives people to seek help from each other, which leads to community-building. Being in the NFT space is still quite novel, whether you’re an artist or a collector, or both. This also brings people together. As does the fact that digital spaces allow people with niche interests and tastes to find one another. 

What Does NFT Culture Include?

Anything and everything that digital spaces have to offer. Beyond Reddit and Facebook groups of NFT artists and investors helping each other build their brands, communities have become wildly popular on discord servers. Bored Ape Yacht Club is perhaps the most famous, but many exist for those at any level of NFT experience. Perhaps the most fun way to join an NFT community, though, is through gameplay.

Join a Growing NFT Community

Landbox, an NFT game on the WAX, is a great way to find your NFT tribe. You can use your WAX wallet to get a character NFT and roam the open world, customize your adventure, meet with friends, and make new ones. You can also join the Landbox discord.

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