What is the Difference Between AstroTurf and Artificial Grass?


Most people often interchange the terms of “artificial grass” and “artificial turf” without knowing that these are both very different synthetic grass products. Turf is the term that is used when describing sports grass, which is often a shorter type of synthetic grass. When it comes to landscape grass, artificial grass is the correct term to use for it. This type of grass is often fluffier and longer than sports turf.

When AstroTurf was first created, these types of distinctions were not necessary because it was the only synthetic grass on the market. In the beginning, the quality of the synthetic grass was not as it is made these days. The shade of green used to create it did not match the real thing and the texture was nappy and not appealing.

The Advancements in Artificial Grass and Turf

The many advances in technology and science have revolutionized how synthetic grass is made in the industry. There are now various products designed for specific types of grassy purposes. Because of the distinction, there is a big difference between artificial sports turfs like AstroTurf and artificial grass used for landscaping purposes.

Artificial Turf Purposes

Artificial turf for sports is designed to be extremely tough. It must be created this way so it can withstand the volume of cleats, running feet and grinding on the ground that players make during their games. Sports turf is safer for sports than natural grass and will reduce injuries because it allows players to play when the turf is wet. Many people assume artificial sports turf is only used in large, professional playing fields. Artificial turf is perfect for fields of all sizes and sports.

Artificial Grass Purposes

While artificial turf is used more for activities and sports, artificial grass is used in commercial and residential purposes to make landscaping safer and look more appealing. While this is the best-looking between the two, it does not equate to being a more durable or softer product. Artificial grass is also created to be equally durable while offering the maximum available aesthetic appeal possible. While it is called grass, there are three different components it is made up of.

It is important to know that all artificial grass products are not the same. The workmanship and the material used play a great role in the overall value and quality of the finished product. To ensure maximum performance and longevity, it is best to have your artificial grass installed by a professional. Artificial grass can be used for playgrounds, yards and doggy daycare centers.

Features Artificial Turf and Artificial Grass Have in Common

Even though there are so many differences between AstroTurf and artificial grass, they have many traits in common as well. Some of the features in common include:

  • Save money because there is no need to water the artificial grass or turf.
  • There are virtually no ongoing expenses or maintenance required.
  • No grass allergens or build-up of toxins like with real grass.
  • Chemical applications with harmful residues will not be necessary.
  • Sports facilities and event venues will not have to rip up their sod for replacement annually.
  • Homeowners can reclaim their weekends not having to mow their lawns.

We know there are so many different varieties of artificial grass and artificial turf to choose from.

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