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More and more, people are taking advantage of using ridesharing services. Uber and Lyft are the top providers of this service. They offer expediency and low prices for people trying to get from one place to another. However, it is important to understand the people who drive rideshare vehicles. They are not trained and experienced motorists; they are ordinary people who offer their services when they are able to.

This is the first thing you should know. The next thing you should know is that if you are ever injured in a ridesharing accident, you have rights.

The ridesharing industry came out of nowhere a few years ago. It grew and expanded to the point of crowding out the traditional taxi and other private hire services. States have only recently begun to pass laws that regulate and hold Uber and Lyft accountable for passenger injuries. If you are in an accident involving a driver who works for either one of these companies, you should consult a rideshare lawyer in Philadelphia PA as soon as you can. They will advise you on the state law regarding ridesharing liability. You will know immediately who can be held responsible for paying your medical bills and compensating you for lost wages.

However, there are actions you can take after the accident that will help your case regardless of who is ultimately liable for settling with you. The first thing you must do is take a screenshot of the trip and booking details. In other words, you must prove that you booked the car and were on your way to the desired destination when the accident occurred. Such details disappear after the journey has been designated complete.

You should also take pictures of the accident and any bruising you have. The ability to take such photos will depend on the severity of your injuries. If you are in serious pain or have been knocked unconscious by the accident, you will not be able to carry out these actions. However, if you are relatively alert and mobile after the crash, you should do what you can to document it.

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