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You Can Achieve a True Crash Proof Retirement During Financial Downturns

In the time since Phil Cannella developed the Crash Proof Retirement System in 2001, he, Joann Small, and the entire Crash Proof Retirement Team have helped more than 5,000 consumers protect their retirement savings from stock market crashes and financial downturns. Despite their years of success, there are many skeptics who do not believe that it is possible to Crash Proof their retirement and have tried to discredit the system to promote a misleading agenda that the stock market is a safe and efficient venue to grow and protect—through diversification—their retirement savings. If you are skeptical of the Crash Proof Retirement System, we encourage you to take the opportunity to listen to a selection of the hundreds of Crash Proof Consumers who were willing to go on the record about their incredible results and the peace of mind that they have in retirement. Read on to find out more about the Crash Proof Retirement System and how it has helped thousands of consumers achieve peace of mind in retirement.

How Does the Crash Proof Retirement System Work?

When you are saving for retirement, there are two classes of investments available to you: risky securities-based investments and safe alternatives that exist outside the securities industry. Securities-based investments are tied to stock market performance which means they have the potential to lose value rapidly during a stock market crash. While younger investors have the time to recover from downturns, individuals in or near retirement face the risk of being permanently financially devastated by a crash. They could be forced to delay their retirement or make do with less income in their golden years, increasing the possibility that they will outlive their savings. It is also important to remember that stocks are not the only securities-based investments available for consumers; in fact, there are many investment options other than stocks that are also based in the securities industry, including:

  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Target Date Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds

Many financial advisors recommend these types of securities because they earn more income for the advisor, usually in the form of upfront and ongoing fees, as well as commissions from the companies that sell them. This list also does not mention the risk of losing money to inflation due to the historically low interest rates that are being offered for bank investments, such as, certificates of deposit. Crash Proof Retirement does not offer or recommend any securities-based investments to consumers because we know that, in addition to the fees, these investments will lose value in a market crash. When you invest in securities, not only can you lose the gains you have made, you face this risk of also losing your principal investment. When you add up all the fees, consider the potential for loss of principal, and factor in the rate of inflation, the gains on securities-based investments suddenly don’t look so attractive.

The Crash Proof Retirement System utilizes proprietary financial vehicles that are based in the financial life insurance industry. Colloquially known as Crash Proof Vehicles, they are carefully selected by our salaried design team after critically analyzing the investments available within the industry to present to clients based on their financial goals. If an investment does not meet our standards or best suit the needs of our consumers, we will not associate it with the Crash Proof name or recommend it to our Crash Proof Consumers.

When we call a financial investment Crash Proof, it means something to us. Most importantly, it means that the investment is guaranteed to preserve your principal no matter what happens with the stock market. When the stock market crashed in 2008 and again in 2020, Crash Proof Consumers were able to rest easy knowing they would not lose their initial investment. Securities investors cannot say the same. Crash Proof Vehicles also grow at a rate that keeps pace with inflation and have the potential to credit interest at rates comparable to securities-based investments. Additionally, Crash Proof Vehicles do not come with any upfront or ongoing fees, nor do we generate any commissions from your investments. When our team recommends a Crash Proof Vehicle to you, you can trust that our recommendations are not motivated by money and can rest assured that your best interests are being represented first and foremost. While traditional financial advisors put their own interests ahead of their clients by recommending financial products that line their own pockets, the Crash Proof Retirement Team is motivated only by helping you achieve a secure retirement.

Still Skeptical? Just Ask Our Crash Proof Consumers

We understand if you think the Crash Proof Retirement System still sounds too good to be true; we hear the skeptics loud and clear. If you are not sure about Crash Proof Retirement, ask or listen to the voices of real consumers who have conducted testimonials to highlight their experiences with the Crash Proof Retirement System. These consumers were not compensated for their testimony in any way; when they saw that their money was safe, secure, and growing, they were more than happy to get on camera and encourage others to do the same. Even some of our skeptics have come around in the long run. Just ask Robert and Nancy Harding of Springfield, PA:

Robert was initially skeptical of the Crash Proof Retirement System and did not want to attend one of our educational events—but his wife, Nancy, did. After becoming Crash Proof Consumers in 2018, he and Nancy were given the opportunity to put the Crash Proof Retirement System to the test. As you can see in their testimonial, they credited double-digit interest during the pandemic, at a time when stock market investors were dealing with waves of volatility and hemorrhaging money from their accounts.

Some of our critics don’t believe that Crash Proof Vehicles can credit double-digit interest. If you fall into this category, you can ask Vicky Breitenstine of Blackwood, New Jersey; she credited 11.2% interest on her Crash Proof investments during her second year with Cras Proof Retirement. Likewise, Nick DeVirgiliis of Turnersville, New Jersey made over 12% interest that will stay in his account and be added to his principal to compound in the following year. Bob DeCarlo of Horsham, Pennsylvania had peace of mind knowing that there was no chance that his credited interest would be lost in a stock market crash.

As you can see, the interest credited by Crash Proof Vehicles is comparable to securities-based investments, especially when you factor in fees, inflation, and market risk. If you still find this hard to believe, Robert Malone from Wilmington, DE will tell you otherwise.

Robert joined Crash Proof Retirement in 2011, and now he has peace of mind even when the economy takes a downturn. When the market crashed in 2020, Robert continued to collect Crash Proof Income every month while the economy recovered. In fact, he has averaged more than 4.3% compound interest every year since he became a Crash Proof Consumer.

Crash Proof Consumers have willingly donated their time and allowed us to promote their names and faces to educate other consumers about the benefits of having a Crash Proof Retirement. They conducted these testimonials because they truly believe in the Crash Proof Retirement System and have seen firsthand the benefits of removing market risk and fees from their retirement accounts and they want to share those benefits with the world!

How to Crash Proof Your Retirement

You have heard how the Crash Proof Retirement System works and have now heard from a selection of Crash Proof Consumers who found a secure way to invest for their retirement and achieve peace of mind. If you are interested in learning how you can protect your retirement with the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, our team of licensed retirement phase experts are here for you. Call 800-722-9728 or fill out the online form on our contact page to begin your journey to a worry-free retirement. Our three-step educational process will diagnose your portfolio’s financial vulnerabilities through a complimentary financial checkup, while teaching you about the safety of the financial life insurance industry, and the investments available to help you achieve your retirement goals. The educational process empowers consumers to make educated decisions about their investing future. Knowledge is power, and the Crash Proof Retirement Team can help you develop the knowledge you need to secure your nest egg and achieve your retirement dreams.

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