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4 Common Issues With Outdated HVAC Systems


HVAC systems are especially critical when the summer months come, and you need that sweet relief of air conditioning. However, it is never enjoyable when your system is outdated, and you need to deal with operational issues time and again.

If you have an older HVAC system, however, here are some of the primary challenges you will need to watch out for. Let’s look at the four most common issues.

1. Differing Temperatures Across the House

One of the most significant problems that an old HVAC system will have is that of effective temperature distribution. Ideally, HVAC systems will evenly distribute temperature to create a uniform feeling throughout the house. However, when they get older, their ability to do this tends to diminish.

So, when you walk around your house and notice that temperatures are different, this could be a sign that you have a big problem. Unless you have a zoned HVAC system that allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms, varying temperatures is a no-no.

2. Loud, Unpleasant Noises

Any HVAC system that makes too much noise is an immediate red flag. Be sure to get an HVAC service technician to come to check it out immediately.

Note, however, that this problem is most common in old systems. As an HVAC system gets older, it develops performance problems, especially in specific sections around the house where it gets used the most. Soon enough, you could start hearing creaks and unwanted noises.

Some pipes or ducts can begin rattling, and you could also hear some popping sounds when the furnace needs to implement a temperature change.

Fans are another component that tends to make a lot of noise. When under a lot of strain, the HVAC system’s fan can begin to rattle and shake.

Moving on, you could get squealing noises, which most likely signify that the HVAC system’s inducer motor needs servicing.

All in all, if you start hearing these strange noises coming from your HVAC in Montgomery County, PA  find a qualified technician right away.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Older HVAC systems tend to leak refrigerant — especially when the refrigerant level is low.

Leakage issues are pretty easy to fix. The main problem, however, is that you might notice this issue occurring regularly. In that case, you might be better off getting a new system entirely. 

4. Electric Control Problems

When your HVAC system turns on and off regularly, the compressor and fan controls will wear out. Like refrigerant leaks, this is pretty common.

And like with refrigerant leaks, the best solution is to call a certified technician to service your HVAC in Pottstown, PA.

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