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If you need soldering products, then you owe it to yourself to receive the best. There are several soldering products that are capable of providing solutions for your needs and going far beyond them. Here are five great products that you’re sure to love.

1. AT-GDP SMD and BGA Rework Station

The AT-GDP SMD and BGA rework stations require very little operational use. Instead, the BGA soldering machine can operate almost entirely on its own. That provides you with high-quality results.

It has a single-axis placement and soldering design for all of your soldering needs. Seeing how the machine is performing is possible with its split vision optics and LED lighting.

It’s capable of providing placement within 5 microns of the mark.

It uses air or a nitrogen top heater as well as an area quartz IR or focused local air preheaters to simplify the process and make it more efficient.

It’s a plug-and-operate machine that requires little maintenance.

2. AT-DB Flip Chip Die Bonder

Another great product from ATCO is the AT-DB Flip Chip Die Bonder. It’s able to bond through different methods. You can solder, use an epoxy die, or thermal compression to attach it. It uses advanced software and mechanics to provide a higher quality of alignment and attachment. You’ll experience fewer mistakes and more results.

This machine is also capable of providing placement within 5 microns of the target. More than that, it has a bonding force of up to 300 Newtons.

3. PRO 1600 SMT Reflow Ovens

One of the best aspects of the PRO 1600 is its small footprint. You can easily fit several of these units into your company to become even more efficient and productive. The PRO 1600 Is a forced air and nitrogen convection reflow oven. It’s ideal for prototyping and making intricate electronics like circuit boards.

One of the best features of this product is its ability to have up to 10 individually programmable zones.

4. PRO 1600-RS / RST

The 1600 RST is ideal for testing the thermal stress of certain products. If you want to test a prototype, then this machine can help you. It can be used to perform JEDEC reflow, offer IPC D coupon testing, and even precondition SMDS according to industry standards. You’re able to test up to 48 coupons at a single time.

The software also logs and records the results for you.

5. CAT90-SA Pick and Place Systems

Manual pick and place systems can often lead to operator failure. The CAT90-SA pick and place system fixes that. It’s able to place several SMT components with virtually no errors. The software helps guide the machine in placing the components exactly where they need to be.

It uses a motorized carousel that has 45 antistatic bins.

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