Popular Hairstyles for Men in 2021


With 2020 in the rearview mirror and things getting to a new normal, you may be thinking about ways you can embrace the change. Updating your hairstyle is a classic, time-honored way of showcasing a new you in a way that everyone can see. We’ve collected the most popular stylish haircuts for you to peruse and choose so you can head into summer looking fresh and fantastic.

Without a doubt, the many variations of the fade are the most popular this year. Fades have a lot of versatility and work with any hair. Depending on your preference fades can be close-cropped, buzzed, or even faded to bald. A box fade is a retro-cool option with a lot of possibilities for different colors, highlights, or edging. You can go heavy on the gel, or stick with a texturing paste if your hair is straight and you don’t care for an overtly slick look. There are many options for how to stylize the top of a fade depending on the texture of your hair, the amount of hair, and your personal style.

Another popular hairstyle is the classic pompadour, worn often in combination with a well-trimmed, short or mid-length beard. Beards have been en vogue for years now, and they’re not going anywhere. While mustaches have gotten quite a bit of PR in the last decade, it’s still pretty niche, and uncommon to see a full handlebar mustache in real life (unless you live in Brooklyn). The right haircut can really carry it, though–I do have friends who rock the handlebar, curves and all, and it looks great. Paired with a classic pompadour, your look will be fresh every day whether you keep it casual or like to look sharp as a tack on the daily.

If you’re not into the eccentric look, keep it totally classic with a sharply cut mid-size beard that accentuates your jawline. Alternatively, a fresh shave or 5 o’clock shadow looks great with a pompadour fade–the truth is, this incredibly popular hairstyle works with virtually any facial hair look.

If you aren’t into the fade, you can opt for a long-on-top look pushed over to one side–just make sure everything stays up on top. You can also go for a zero-maintenance total buzz, which looks great on a lot of guys. Mix up a buzz and a beard for a cutting-edge 2021 look. Or buzz it all and keep it cool for the hot months! Here’s to 2021: the summer of the new you.

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