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With origins in human chiropractic clinical work, horse chiropractor. The equine chiro approach is called Equine Performance Balancing and is a horse wellness philosophy based on a holistic approach to equine chiro adjustments. TAMR focuses on equine rehabilitation through a concentrated focus of treating horse muscles, ligaments, bones and other parts of the horse’s complex physiology.

More specifically, the equine chiro treatment referred to as full-body horse work is perhaps one most useful forms of equine services. Over the course of its lifetime, a horse will, unfortunately, suffer wear and tear just like anything else. Health issues could onset quickly and conspicuously but also could manifest over time and remain undercover. The full bodywork treatment addresses these issues in a holistic manner and specific treatment tactics are applied to each individual horse as needed. Skeptical owners of horses could ask, “What makes full-body horse work so important? And why should I pay attention to it?” The simple answer is these series of equine chiro adjustments focus on a horse’s ligaments, blood vessels, muscles, bones, and fascia in addition to the typical equine chiro adjustments of a typical equine chiropractor performing equine chiro services. It requires all the corresponding parts of a horse’s body to function properly in order for a horse to behave as its normal self. The full bodywork treatment can correct phenomena like short stride, clumsiness, and seemingly painful movement through the equine chiro adjustment method of this variety. For instance, inflammation is a common condition that ails horses.

Inflammation is a natural protective response of the body to rehabilitate and protect itself after an injury. Although inflammation can be beneficial to us, it can also cause soreness and pain when the body produces too many biological catalysts or enzymes in an effort to protect the injured area. If left untreated, inflammation can cause significant nerve damage as well as damage to blood vessels, joints, and tendons.

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