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The working from home culture came into full spotlight through the Covid-19 pandemic, but it looks as though the phenomenon is here to stay. Many people have opted to leave the office and work remotely, which cuts down considerably on overhead expenditure. Thanks to the shift to remote operations, more people invest in office renovations and gear to make their working life run as smoothly as possible. Several audio devices are needed for a remote workforce to stay connected, and you will find an overview of these below.

Music Player

When you’re in a physical office, you have managers and other workers around you to keep you engaged and they flood the space with noise. However, when you’re at home, the workspace can be hauntingly quiet, especially if you don’t have children running amok. Therefore, it’s a great idea to have a quality music player to keep you motivated and fill the silence.

As you’ll be spending the majority of your time at home, you’re better off investing in a high-end speaker that’s easy to look at and will stand the test of time; the Bang and Olufsen range from SSENSE offers beautiful speakers with a focus on quality sound. While you’re there, you can kit your office out with cushions, scented candles, decorative plant pots for a truly tranquil working environment. If your order comes to over $300, you’ll benefit from free delivery.


You will likely need to listen carefully to team calls, which means blocking out surrounding noise. Therefore, you should invest in a quality set of closed-back headphones. Not only will this type of headphone block out all sound, but it will prevent you from disturbing others you share a house with. Just remember, you don’t need to scream on your calls just because you’re wearing headphones.

PC Speakers

Computers are powerful devices capable of carrying out the most troublesome tasks, but they don’t typically play the music that well. Therefore, you should invest in a set of high-quality PC speakers that can play your music and any other audio you might work with. When choosing computer speakers, you need to ensure they’re robust and can tolerate being used for around 5-6 hours every day. There are plenty of styles available when it comes to speakers, including soundbars, USB-enabled, and Bluetooth speakers.


Having fantastic audio quality is great, but your colleagues need to hear you as well. Therefore, you should ensure that a quality microphone is on your list of office essentials; you only need to experience one Zoom call to realize your laptop microphone won’t cut it. When choosing a microphone, you should consider other activities you take part in, including gaming. If you can find a versatile microphone, this will feel like a more worthwhile investment. Working remotely is slowly becoming the norm, which is why more people than ever before are decking out home offices. Having quality audio devices to hear your music, communicate with colleagues, and block out noise is essential. 

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