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24 Jul, Wednesday
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Viking with axe standing near drakkar on the seashore.

A sport with ancient origins is growing in popularity once again. This sport is axe throwing, which has made a comeback both in other countries and now the United States. It’s a fun activity that can have many benefits for its participants and is a fascinating sport that is beginning to challenge bowling and darts as favorite similar leisure activities.


Axe throwing has its origins in ancient times as a practical skill. Warriors from many different cultures would need to learn to throw an axe to hit a desired target. When a society was not at war, throwing an axe at a target evolved into a sporting competition. In the modern era, this ancient sport has come back once again. Axe throwing has been a massive hit in other countries such as Canada in recent years and is now beginning to gain in popularity in the United States as well.

More Venues

One reason axe throwing is gaining in popularity in the United States is that there are simply more facilities opening up where people can partake in it. This is especially true in urban areas where it is often difficult to find facilities that allow live weapons to be tossed around. Many axe throwing clubs double as bars, which has proven to be a lucrative combination that isn’t as dangerous as it may sound. Safety measures such as solid nets are put in place.

Organized Sporting Leagues

The growth of axe throwing has spurred the formation of organized leagues for the sport, the foremost of which is the World Axe Throwing League. The sport is very similar to dart throwing and has many similarities to bowling as well. Participants typically throw an axe at a target that has three rings of different colors and are awarded points based on how close to the bullseye the axe lands. The World Axe Throwing League has information on official rules, although informal matches may be governed differently.


Axe throwing is gaining in popularity largely because of the significant benefits this activity offers. Because you are attempting to hit a target, your coordination and aim will improve considerably as you practice. This can be useful in everyday life or in other activities.

Most people do not get enough exercise in their daily lives due to the overall sedentary lifestyle of American society. Axe throwing is one of many fun outlets that encourage people to exercise more. Throwing an axe works out muscles that may ordinarily go unused.

Throwing a hefty axe into a target is also very cathartic. There is something primal and invigorating in the practice that has spoken to the individuals who participate in the sport. This means axe throwing offers benefits such as stress relief which can overall improve an individual’s health.

Axe throwing is unquestionably growing in popularity, both in the United States and elsewhere. Due to its similarities with bowling and darts it is occupying a similar niche as those sports. There is no indication that its growth in the US will stem anytime soon.

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