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22 May, Wednesday
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  1. Phil Cannella: @PhillipCannella
    Phil Cannella is known the retirement financial sector, but his advice he gives for entrepreneurs is interesting. He keeps the retirees on their toes and Phil Cannella offers help in the financial world.
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk: @garyvee
    Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) is a serial entrepreneur with tons of content. His podcast, writings and several business ventures are sure to inspire all.
  3. Guy Kawasaki: @GuyKawasaki
    A world-renowned marketer and influencer, Guy was part of Apple’s original marketing team. Currently, his tweets provide insight about the best marketing tools and strategies.
  4. Richard Branson: @RichardBranson
    Richard Branson, a household name, does it all. He founded Virgin Group, wrote a book and is a philanthropist. Everyone can find inspiration in his social media.
  5. Arianna Huffington: @ariannahuff
    One of the co-founders of the prolific, Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington has also written an inspirational book. Currently, her mission is to eliminate stress and burnout in working adults.
  6. Tim Ferris: @tferris
    Tim Ferris is a writer and podcaster. He has spoken to a ton of great minds across all industries and his books have inspired countless people to pursue their dreams.
  7. Reid Hoffman: @reidhoffman
    Hoffman is the founder of the corporate networking app, LinkedIn. Currently, he has several entrepreneurial ventures in the works.
  8. Sophia Amoruso: @sophiaamoruso
    Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal, which is a clothing line that specifically focuses on clothing for younger women. She also authored a best-selling autobiography called #GIRLBOSS.
  9. Tony Robbins: @TonyRobbins
    Nearly everyone has heard of the life coach, Tony Robbins. Unsurprisingly, his twitter page offers nearly as much motivation as his many books and speeches.
  10. Mark Cuban: @mcuban
    Mark Cuban is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur that always have several projects and investments going on at any given time. He also currently owns the NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks.
  11. Bill Gates: @BillGates
    Bill Gates is the infinitely popular founder of Microsoft. Now, he is more focused on philanthropic pursuits.
  12. Pat Flynn: @PatFlynn
    Pat Flynn is a podcaster and blogger that is focused on all things financial, specifically, building a sustainable, passive income.
  13. Barbara Corcoran: @BarbaraCorcoran
    Corcoran is one of the key investors and judges on the TV show, Shark Tank.
  14. Eric Ries: @EricRies
    Author of the Lean Startup, Eric Ries promotes the idea that you do not need to be rich or even well-off to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.
  15. Daymond John: @TheSharkDaymond
    Daymond is another one of the key investors and judges on the show, Shark Tank.
  16. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: @kiranshaw
    Biocon is India’s largest biotech company and Shaw is the chairperson of that company.
  17. Hiten Shah: @hnshah
    Shah is responsible for several successful software company startups.
  18. Andrew Chen: @andrewchen
    Andrew Chen is a prolific and talented investor, although he has other pursuits, too.
  19. Entrepreneur Magazine: @Entrepreneur
    This magazine publishes stories, advice and articles about entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.
  20. Fast Company: @FastCompany
    Another business magazine, Fast Company focuses on business and design. This is perfect and inspirational for those that care about their business’s optics.

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