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Are you searching for creative and fresh ideas for marketing your TV videos for your business brand on Instagram? There are many ways to go about it, you need to choose the one that is relevant to your brand and audience. This post will give you some solid ways to use IGTV to increase your brand’s visibility to a potential audience on Instagram.

An overview of IGTV

Instagram’s IGTV was launched recently and is the latest addition to the Instagram family. Thanks to this feature, you can now upload long-form videos in a vertical format for your targeted audience to view. However, you must ensure you are creative when it comes to making videos, and your ideas are fresh. Your video should hold the audience’s attention, and the first 45 seconds are crucial for you to make or break your impressions.

Getting fresh and innovative ideas for IGTV for growing your brand

To get creative and fresh ideas for increasing user engagement and raking in new followers, likes, comments, and shares, you need to do some research. Check out videos of the same business niches to get an idea of how they are making them. You need to follow the same lines, except your content must be different from theirs. The trick here is that you must ensure you record or upload IGTV videos that are real and exclusive for only your followers to view.

In this way, you can increase your follower base and likes, comments, views, and shares. If you are new in the market and wish to increase your real likes, followers, and views, you can buy them from credible platforms like

Reach out to a wider customer base on Instagram with IGTV

Thanks to IGTV, business brands can now re-use video content. Popular videos often give your business a new lease of life. You can always use videos that you have previously posted on Facebook and YouTube on Instagram or even live-stream any recording. You should offer short tips and even lists worth sharing so your blog posts can be effectively repurposed into your IGTV videos with success.

If you have shot videos in the past in the horizontal format, you will have to edit them into the videos’ vertical format. Once you have posted your old popular videos on IGTV in the vertical format, you should keep track of how your targeted audience reacts to them. Based on the data you collect, you can create Instagram Stories and content that are meaningful and worth sharing about your business brand with success.

Establish a niche audience with your video content

When you share exclusive video content with your viewers, you can effectively build a dedicated audience for your channel on IGTV. Suppose you give your audiences regular appealing content about the workings of your business brand and behind-the-scene insights. In that case, you effectively can strike an emotional chord with your targeted audience. They will be connected to your brand on a more human level.

The popular videos you could share could be insights into your production, distribution, and development of products. The biggest advantage of sharing these videos is that you do not have to waste time editing them. People love to see genuine content with an authentic appeal, and this works perfectly for your business brand’s growth.

You can also cover some exclusive corporate events and offer your audience an insight into trade shows, speaking forums, and social gatherings. For instance, Louis Vuitton had broadcasted their 2019 Women’s Spring Summer Fashion Show on Instagram from its beginning to the end. They also offered insider information into the venue and some amazing snippets from behind the scene shots.

Another great way for you to engage your targeted audience on IGTV is to upload interviews or chat shows with experts in the industry niche you are based in. You can even take your viewers on a complete office tour. For instance, Chiara Ferragni gave a house tour that roped in a whopping 4.4 million views and later became one of the most-watched IGTV videos on Instagram in 2018.

Offer tutorials to highlight the salient features of your product

Several business brands use Instagram TV to integrate their product lines with the instructional video content in how-to-dos, webinars, and tutorials. As a business brand, it is prudent for you to introduce educational and informative videos to introduce your brand products to the audience. The biggest advantage here these videos do not have any expiration date except for products that need regular updates like software programs, apps etc.

You can also take these educational videos to the next levels by teaching your followers. To make tutorials a success, you can teach your followers some new and interesting. You can even allow them to see and what you are doing live. For instance, cooking videos, demonstrations for make-up, yoga and fitness classes, DIY home repairs, etc. can be shown to your targeted audience without hassles. The format of IGTV allows you to make a list of popular video content that remains evergreen to all who want to access them. 

You can develop a loyal community with recurring shows

IGTV is a new and modern type of television for your audience. You can always come back to it simultaneously in a recurring fashion weekly or every month as you desire. You can share your video content with those who are interested in viewing your show.

When it comes to promoting and marketing your business brand on IGTV, you must be consistent. The reason being that users online are fond of predictability. This means if you are hosting a show on IGTV, maintain a regular schedule at the same time so that your audience keeps coming back to watch your show on your channel. So, if you wish to grow your business brand on IGTV, embrace these amazing ideas and see the positive difference it makes to your business with success!

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert at blastup. He is an experienced digital marketer who has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

A digital marketing pioneer with the passion of new technology. Coding websites and creating innovative products is my daily grind. Created an SEO Tool for agencies and small business owners. Writing new content about businesses, entrepreneurs, digital marketing and blockchain is what I love to do! Build and write for the future.

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