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23 Jul, Tuesday
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Couple of Home Central Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioner Outdoor Units.

Protecting your air conditioning unit is essential to a cool summer. There are some ways that you can take care of your unit as a homeowner so that you get the most out of your system. Below are some tips to maintain a quality unit until it is time for air conditioning replacement in West Reading, PA.

1. Clean and Change Your Air Filters

After the spring months have blown in pollen and debris, it is time to change the air filters. The build-up from the pollen and debris will keep your air from filtering properly and force your AC unit to work harder when the outside temperature rises. 

2. Clean the Area Around the Unit

Summer months often bring weeds and excessive growth. You need to clean around the area outside of your unit and keep debris off of it. It is a good idea to spray some weed killer around the unit to prevent new growth from coming. Also, any items you have stored against it must be moved. If anything gets into the fan, it can cause the unit to stop working and require unwanted maintenance.

3. Don’t Overwork Your System

If you are away throughout the day or planning to be gone for an extended time for vacation, make sure you turn up the temperature on your AC unit so that your system can work smoothly. By giving the system a chance to rest during the summer heat, you can prevent it from overworking and locking up when needed. 

4. Support Your System

Keeping the temperature down in your home for longer periods of time will keep your AC unit from overworking in the heat. The best way to support that system is to add ceiling fans to your rooms and window tint to your windows. With ceiling fans, you can let them run around the clock to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Window tint is also a great addition because it prevents the heat from coming into your home, keeping it cool even on the hottest days. Tinting the windows in your home that get the most sunlight can help to support your AC system.

5. Have Your AC Unit Inspected

The best thing you can do each year before the summer season begins is to have a technician give the AC unit a careful inspection. If there is any wear and tear from previous years that needs to be addressed, they will find it and can have that replaced before a larger problem develops.

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