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Home improvement and renovation of bathroom

When you are considering a bathroom renovation, the best time is during the winter season. Although spring and summer appear to be the apparent choice, there are advantages to opting out this time of year. Believe it or not, renovating a bathroom during winter is the most strategic, smartest time to embark on this project. 

Is Winter a Good Time to Remodel My Bathroom?

Dissimilar to other home improvement projects for a home, the bathroom can be done any time of year. However, planning a home improvement project during the off-season does have its own set of advantages.

How Long Does it Take for a Small Bathroom Remodel? 

The average remodel of a small bathroom can be completed in approximately twenty-three days. Assuming the job is done during weekdays only, which translates to approximately four and a half weeks of work.

Is it Best to Do First Floor or Last Floor Bathroom Renovations? 

It is best to take out the toilet and replace the flooring on the first-floor bathroom first. If you neglect this “golden rule” regarding bathroom remodeling you risk spending more money than necessary on your bathroom remodel.

Eight Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

  • Stay on budget
  • Ensure your design has plenty of available space.
  • Keep true to the style and design you hope to achieve.
  • What style of bathroom fits your style, stay true to that design.
  • Ensure you have plenty of storage room to maintain a tidy and organized bathroom.
  • Include plenty of accessories to add the finishing touches to your design.
  • Ensure you have ways to maintain warmth in your bathroom.
  • Choose a remodeling contractor you can trust. 

When you are wanting a bathroom remodel in Orlando, contact experts for an estimate. 

Does the Vanity or Floor Get Installed First?

The floor contractor’s preference is to install cabinets first, when this happens, there is less chance of the floor being scratched. In addition, cabinet installers prefer the floor to be in place before ensuring any dust from floor installation does not harm the vanity.

Pick The Right Time to Renovate Your Bathroom 

When you are looking for the best time to do a bathroom renovation, contact the experts. When you are seeking a general contractor in Orlando, get a free estimate on our home improvement and repair services.

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