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The Benefits of Working with a Licensed and Insured Roofing and Siding Contractor

Spring and summer offer the ideal time for roofing and siding work to make your New Jersey home look like new again. Who you hire to do the work can make all the difference in how it turns out and the aftercare and maintenance.

When you search for roofing and siding contractors in South Jersey, opting for a licensed and insured contractor can save you money and alleviate potential problems. Let’s consider why professional contractors make the best choice.

Licensing Guarantees Expertise

When a contractor earns a license in a specific area, that indicates expertise. That means hiring a licensed roofer guarantees you an expert roofer. Hiring a contractor with a license as a siding contractor guarantees expertise in siding. This differs from licensing as a general contractor (GC), a management construction position that schedules and manages day-to-day construction activities. A GC might employ a roofer under a sub-contract but won’t have the qualifications or license to do it alone.

Licensing Gets You a Professional Roof Inspection

A licensed roofer knows how to spot issues that an amateur might miss. Their specialized training helps them recognize problems in development, so they can stop a developing issue before it does damage to your home.

A License Roofer Hires Trained Roofers

Licensed roofers hire workers who have completed the required training. These specialists work efficiently and effectively.

Warrantied Work

By using a licensed roofing professional, you obtain two warranties. The roofing materials carry a warranty from the manufacturers. Licensed roofers also offer a workmanship warranty. In some cases, having an unlicensed roofer install your roof invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty. Check the materials packaging and its website for specifics.

Licensed Roofers and Siding Pros Follow Local Building Codes

Hiring a professional ensures the roofer or siding professional knows and follows the local building codes. They know the permitting process and follow it since a violation would jeopardize their license. Their careful work keeps you out of trouble with your local municipal government.

Offers a Safer Home Investment

Essentially, by working with a licensed roofer, you avoid amateurs and con artists who target unwitting homeowners after storms cause damage. Licensing requires the contractor to carry liability insurance. That can save you from needing to file a claim on your home insurance. If an accident happens on the work site (your home), the professional contractor’s insurance covers the worker’s injury and any home damage, but hiring an uninsured amateur would mean you file a claim on your insurance. That costs you more money in the long run because your insurance company may raise your premiums after the claim processing.

Avoid the dangers of hiring amateurs. Hire general contractors in Cape May, NJ when you have a large project that requires a single point person to manage multiple contractors. Hire licensed, professional roofing and siding contractors in South Jersey to complete your next home exterior improvement project.

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