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Box with tasty macarons

French pastry chefs view making macarons as being an art form that requires a deft touch and the ability to create the perfect textures and flavors for delicate desserts. Although you can find copycats in a general grocery store, you’ll quickly notice that real macarons are delicately balanced to provide the right contrast between crispiness and softness, while also providing just enough sweetness and nuttiness to satisfy your craving. Being able to identify a real macaron helps you know that the pastries you serve are true delicacies that everyone will admire. 

Know the Difference Between Macarons and Macaroons

One of the most basic mistakes people make is confusing these two types of cookies. While only one letter causes the names to stand apart, you’ll notice that there is a world of difference between each one. A macaroon is coconut-based, which gives the cookie a rougher surface texture and chewier bite. You’ll also note that macaroons don’t have a filling, which is a macaron’s hallmark. 

French macarons in Bucks County are easily distinguished by their two shells that hold a filling in between each one. A macaron is also made using delicate almond flour and a meringue base for the shell. The filling is typically a ganache, buttercream, or jam that comes in a wide variety of colors and delicious flavors.

Check for the Proper Shell-To-Filling Ratio

One quick way to look for a real macaron is to inspect the filling that sits within the shells. True pasty chefs use a consistent ratio of filling to the shells, which results in just enough softness and flavor to satisfy your palate without going overboard. If the filling looks like a big glob or is falling out of the sides, then this isn’t a true macaron.

Look for the Right Texture

The outside shell of a macaron should be fairly smooth, light, and crunchy. Macarons are often described as being airy, which is part of their charm. Inside, the filling should be pillowy and soft, and the texture can vary slightly depending on whether it is made from ganache or jam. The various flavors should all combine to create a perfectly balanced experience of sensations from your first bite to the finish.

Explore Different Flavors and Colors

When you’re planning for catering in Doylestown, you’ll also note that true pastry chefs take pride in providing a wide range of flavors and colors that add to any event. You should always be able to get classic flavors, such as Madagascar vanilla and Belgium chocolate, but you’ll also find so much more. 

Find a local Doylestown bakery that offers unique flavors that include cassis jam and key lime-strawberry. Bold colors are also a hallmark trait of real macarons, and you can even find ones with colorful sprinkles that add a festive twist to any party.

 Try a Taste of a Real French Macaron

The only true way to identify a real macaron is to give one a try. Reach out to our French patisserie to get the chance to sink your teeth into the most authentic macarons in town!

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