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Trying new things can be exciting, and whether you’re going on vacation or having a staycation where you explore your town, there are plenty of fun things to do in West Chester. 

Here are some fun things to do around West Chester:

  • Historical value. A walking tour of part of the Underground Railroad.
  • Fun for adults. If you’re going on an adult-only trip, you can score some cheap cocktails from a few different restaurants, every Wednesday, from 5 PM to 8 PM. You and your friends or date can visit a couple of different restaurants during this two-hour window.
  • Kid-friendly. If you have children, you can visit Everhart Park for fun and educational activities. These activities include: learning about Indian elephants and participating in an Indian food tasting, learning about the different sea animals and Jamaica and doing a Jamaican food tasting, or learning about fireflies with the Dark Sky Committee.
  • Shopping. You can shop at more than 100 locally owned businesses, some of which sell handmade art, vinyl, chocolate, and vintage clothing. There’s something for everyone!

What Are Some Other Things That I Can Do With My Kids?

A common complaint of parents going on vacation is that it still feels like work when it comes to keeping their kids occupied on the trip.

One thing you can do to make sure your kids have plenty of fun is to visit a nearby carousel. The Historic Pottstown Carousel is a fun way to entertain your kids.

The people at the Historic Pottstown Carousel are experts at having fun because the carousel is the second oldest operating Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden carousel in the United States. It was created in 1905, and all of the animals are hand carved! There are also cute decorations on the rides, and the staff makes it easy to keep the fun going because they’re always available to make sure that guests have a safe and exciting time during their visit.

The carousel offers arcade games, ample seating for you and your family members to watch your children on the carousel, and a gift shop where you can get t-shirts, glasses, Reppert’s candy, and ornaments.

You can also inquire about hosting events like birthday parties.

Start The Fun Today

If you’re going to go on vacation anytime soon, it’s a great idea to visit West Chester, PA for a fun time with your family or friends. Shopping, educational events, and sites like the Historic Pottstown Carousel, can be an entertaining way to make sweet memories while on vacation. Be sure to check out the carousel next time you’re in West Chester!

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