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Corporate law firms in Philadelphia can help business entities with a variety of situations to ensure they are legally protected. If you own a business, it is essential to have a lawyer on your side to protect your company and assets. The main roles of a corporate lawyer are to advise their clients of their responsibilities, rights, and duties as stated in the law.

When corporate lawyers are hired by corporations, they represent the entity, not the employees or the shareholders. Corporations are legal entities created under each state’s laws to run their business. There are many legal rules on how to run your entity, and this is where having a business lawyer in Philadelphia by your side will prove beneficial. Below are some situations where a lawyer can help your business avoid litigation.

1. Contracts

Contracts are a normal part of running a business. A lawyer can help you draft, review, and negotiate any legally binding contracts on behalf of your business. The contracts could be anything from simple lease agreements to acquisitions for multi-billion-dollar agreements.

2. Corporate Governance

Lawyers can also help their clients create a framework for how their entity should be controlled or directed. This may include creating bylaws, creating policies outlining how the company is to be managed, and drafting articles of incorporation. It may also include advising officers and corporate directors of their responsibilities and rights.

3. Mergers and Acquisitions

Another situation where a corporate lawyer can help is during mergers and acquisitions. They help by conducting due diligence, drafting, negotiating, and overseeing any deals that involve your corporation starting a merger with another company. They also help oversee your company purchasing another company.

4. Securities

Business lawyers can advise their clients on how to comply with securities laws. There are many complex regulations necessary to prevent fraud, market manipulation, and insider trading. There’s also a need for transparency within companies that are publicly traded.

5. Venture Capital

A big hurdle many new entities have is gaining enough capital to start or expand their business. This may involve public or private financing. To ensure these processes are completed legally and in the entity’s best interest, a corporate lawyer will be involved in the process of finding capital.

In a variety of cases, business lawyers work with law firms that have in-house corporate law departments. Some corporate lawyers have specialties in specific areas of corporate law to focus on, such as venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and securities. Other lawyers may work in-house for a large entity that has its own legal department. These types of corporate lawyers often handle many types of issues the business may come across. Corporate lawyers are excellent communicators and negotiators, and this is how they successfully help the companies that hire them.

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