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22 May, Wednesday
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A Technician gives instructions on Programming the home security panel in a smart home.

Buying your first home is a process that involves learning many new things. One of the most important things that you’ll learn is how to keep your new home secure. Below are just a few things to keep in mind when you want to understand more about the basics of home security.

Crimes of Opportunity

Most first-time homeowners need to know that the most common break-ins don’t involve criminals who spend days casing your home or who spend time watching your every move to figure out when to break in. Instead, these are crimes of opportunity that involve criminals who look at the homes that seem the most vulnerable from first glance. As a homeowner, the most important steps you can to in terms of security are those that will make your home just a little bit less like an easy target for those criminals who are looking for an easy mark.

Alarms vs. Monitoring

It’s also important for homeowners to understand the difference between alarms and monitoring. An alarm is simply a deterrent – a device that is meant to scare off consumers, rather than one that is meant to help catch anyone. The reason that consumers work with companies like Abode Home Security or Frontpoint Home Security is to get monitoring, which makes use of alarm systems to alert emergency services when there are problems. If you’re looking to catch criminals rather than just to scare them off, you’ll need security monitoring for your home.

Only as Safe as Your Actions

It is vital to remember that security is only as good as those who use the devices. If you want to keep your home safe, that means that you will need to remember to use the security measures that you have in place. At a basic level, this means locking your doors and windows when you are gone and having someone pick up your mail or newspaper when you are out of town. If you have a security system, you must remember to engage it properly and pay attention to its warnings. Even the best security system in the world won’t protect you if it isn’t used correctly.

Homeowners must always take home security seriously. Do what you can to deter criminals and to use your security devices, but make sure that you also have a backup from a good monitoring service to protect your home. If you are ready to make sure that your home is properly protected and that you have the right kind of services backing you up.

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