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5 Incredible Textured Surface Designs Created With Plaster and Painting Techniques

Create Unique Textured Surfaces with Plaster and Paint

Homeowners that want a truly unique interior design should consider applying textured surfaces to their walls. One of the best ways to create a textured surface is with plaster and paint. When these two mediums are used together, you can create wholly unique designs that can’t be copied anywhere else. At First Place House Painting, we can ensure your interior painting comes off looking like a masterpiece. Here are five designs that you should consider.

1. Bubbling Flora

By using plaster and paint, you can create tiny bubbles that resemble flora. This abstract art form is done by heating the plaster and paint to help it bubble. You can also then paint the bubbles in different colors to further make the design unique. Another method is to poke holes in the plaster to create contrasting depths with the bubbles.

2. Reveal an Imagine Within

Another way you can use plaster and paint to create unique surface designs is by using them together to create layers. You can begin by applying a base coat to the wall. Then use plaster and paint mixed in to create a second layer. While it’s still wet, you can wipe it away to allow the base layer to be shown in various designs. This can be a unique way to create landscapes or cityscapes as well as abstract art.

3. Rock Surface

While having a stone wall or facade may be expensive to install, you can use plaster and paint to create a more affordable mimic. Plaster can be coated along the wall in a wave-like pattern. It will look like the smooth edges of natural stone when painted later. When it comes to painting, you’ll want a base coat that’s the same color as the kind of stone you’re going for. Then use another coat of paint, typically darker, to make some of the edges pop.

You’ll be left with a natural stone design that’s made entirely of plaster and paint.

4. Create Trees

Plaster can also be used to create thriving leaves for a tree. When clumped together, the plaster can resemble thick foliage. All you need to do with the paint is draw out the trunk and branches. You may even want to use the plaster to add some texture to the tree, itself, to create a realistic tree design.

5. Keep Edges Sharp

One final, and easy, method for making textured surfaces with plaster and paint is to leave the edges of the plaster alone. Instead of smoothing them down, leave the edge to harden.

You can hire professional indoor painting to paint the wall the color that you want. You’ll be left with an interesting texture of a wave-like design.

Call the Experts

Creating texture isn’t easy. If you want your wall to look incredible, then you need a professional painter that you can trust.

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