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The eco-friendly trend is especially catching up in the cleaning industry, considering that every household uses cleaning products at least twice a day. Looking to capitalize on this and improve environmental conservation, several brands have tweaked their production lines and made significant progress with these products over the past few years. Here are a few of them.

Clean Living

Clean Living is an eco-friendly brand that uses environmentally conscious materials all through its manufacturing process. From refillable metal bottles to concentrated plant-based cleaning mixes, the company provides a full-fledged, eco-friendly cleaning solution that is truly inspiring. 

Every item in Clean Living’s range is pH-neutral, 100% natural, and vegan-friendly. The brand also incorporates steps to reduce water use and carbon emissions in its products. Some of the brand’s products include a kitchen cleaner, limescale remover, a bin odor eliminator, a glass cleaner, and more.

Mangle & Wringer

Mangle & Wringer is a British cleaning brand that provides non-toxic, fragrance- and color-free products that you can use across the home. The company’s sprouts use only food-grade ingredients, providing a simple eco-friendly solution that your environment will thank you for. 

Most prominent is the company’s Pure Laundry Powder, which is made of natural minerals and coconut oil soap. The product is free from preservatives, synthetic detergents, phosphates, and other artificial ingredients.


Homethings is one of the few brands providing an exciting twist to the green cleaning space. The company produces cleaning sprays, which can be used pretty much everywhere in the house. 

At Homethings, cleaning sprays contain non-toxic ingredients and no hidden nasties. The company manufactures using effervescent tablets, so you can pretty much refill a cleaning bottle with water and continue cleaning. Just get the tablets from the company, and you can fill a bottle at home.


Smol is a brand that sells laundry and dishwasher capsules directly to customers. Looking to capture the eco-friendly space, the firm has created plastic-free packaging for customers.

In addition, Smol delivers eco-friendly cleaning capsules made with no animal ingredients, plastic-free packaging, and much fewer chemicals than traditional supermarket options.


The laundry egg is getting more popular by the year. These eco-friendly, reusable alternatives are reshaping the home and laundry industry, giving traditional detergents a run for their money.

Well, say hello to Eco-Egg, a cleaning solution that uses natural mineral pellets to remove dirt from your clothes and clean them thoroughly. The brand’s products are chemical-free without plastic-wrapped pods. They’re also refillable and can be used across over 200 washes.

Clothes Doctor

Although a clothing repair firm, Clothes Doctor provides a Clothing Care range of cruelty-free, vegan cleaning products. Every product in this range is refillable, natural, and single-use-plastic-free. All products in the range are made in the U.K., avoiding transport costs and carbon emissions.

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