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Young woman sprays home plants on the shelf

Keeping living plants around is a great way to improve your mental health while being a beautiful addition to your design. However, many houseplants require a lot of specialized care and are difficult to keep healthy. Many people choose to surround themselves with hardy plants that are nearly impossible to kill.

1. Jade Plant

Jade plants are actually succulents with large, fleshy leaves. These leaves have rounded edges and come in an array of colors, including pale green or a soft shade of blue-gray. These plants continue to look amazing without needing much attention. Mature specimens often grow clusters of white or pink blooms. Jade plants can grow to be up to five feet tall, so they do well in a large pot.

2. Philodendron

A favorite houseplant during the Victorian era, the philodendron bears showy, heart-shaped leaves in a deep jewel green. If well pruned, a philodendron can be kept to a small pot, but it can also be trained to grow along a trellis. It is very fast-growing and will easily take over space. Philodendrons feature berries of white or pale orange.

3. Aloe

Aloe vera is a common houseplant because it contains a soothing gel that eases discomfort caused by sunburns or other skin irritations. This plant needs little more than a sunny space to thrive. Let the soil become completely dry before you water this plant again. Aloe will only need water every two or three weeks. The leaves are very thick with a serrated edge.

4. Barrel Cactus

The barrel cactus is indigenous to a hot, desert-like climate. Because of this, it can go for long periods of time without a drink. This is a large cactus, with some specimens growing to two feet in diameter. It is a flamboyant succulent with sharp spikes and yellow or red flowers.

5. Rubber Plant

The rubber plant has an exotic look that is prized by interior designers for the upscale atmosphere it can lend to a room. The long oval leaves have a rich color that transitions from a deep burgundy to a verdant green. It adapts well to both strong sunlight and shady locations.

Keeping some plants in your home is a great way to echo the beauty of the outdoors while nurturing something. If you find that you do not have enough time to care for more delicate plants, try these durable species to improve your mood and update your room with freshness.

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