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Interior of modern kitchen that is large, comfortable and of stylish design

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, nothing can make your space pop as much as the right choice in wood cabinets. There are a variety of wood cabinet types that can enhance any kitchen or room in your home. From birch and maple to traditional oak cabinets, you can find the perfect wooden kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen is the centerpiece of any home. It is one of the most utilized rooms in most households and is often used for personal cooking and family gatherings alike. Wood cabinetry can give your home the upgrade it deserves. To help make the process of choosing easier, below are some of the top wood types to consider for your space.

1. Cherry

Kitchen cabinets made from cherry trees will come with warm undertones in red colors. Cherry cabinets can help set the stage for any type of look you’re going for in your home. They will match with almost all decor.

2. Maple

Another popular type of wood used in cabinetry manufacturing is maple. It is a good choice because it is strong and durable. It has a smooth grain that is considered neutral and will work well with just about anything in your home.

3. Oak

Oak cabinets are a great option to consider because they are durable, strong and a valuable option when it comes to getting custom cabinetry made for your home. It comes with unique grain patterns that will create a more unique look in your home without having to spend extra money.

4. Alder

This type of wood comes from the birchwood family and is a lighter-weight type of wood. It can add a beautiful look to your kitchen or bathroom. Alder wood is popular for those who want a “mountain” look to their home because the wood boasts a “knotty” look to it. It is an economical wood that offers great characteristics for any type of home and decor.

5. Hickory

If you want your cabinetry to stand out more, hickory may be the option for you. It has a loud grain pattern that is durable and strong. For homeowners looking for the rugged feel from their cabinetry, hickory wood will offer it completely.

6. Birch

Birch is perfect for those who want versatility in their cabinets. It is one of the easier woods to stain. You will be able to get your ideal hue to match the rest of your space.

7. Walnut

Wood cabinets come with different stains, and it is a popular choice for custom cabinetry. It offers an uncomplicated look with warm hues.

Remember when you are looking for a home to purchase through a real estate agent, you consider the style of the kitchen and cabinets. It can become costly to re-do an entire kitchen.

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