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Who does not love to keep her or his teeth sparkling white? After all, we all know that the first thing people who meet you notice about you is your smile. Unfortunately, teeth will rarely remain in their natural condition. Most people need to whiten their teeth repeatedly. How can you keep your teeth white all the time? There are a few things you do to achieve this.

Keep Them Clean

This is the best practice. Ensure good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene means regular and systematic brushing at least twice a day supplemented with proper flossing. It is preferable to do this after every meal, but if it is not possible, at least vigorous rinsing should be done. These practices will reduce the possibility of your teeth getting pale or stained.

Avoid Staining Food and Drink

Certain items we consume in daily life has the potential to stain your teeth. Most important are alcohol, tobacco, betel nut, tea, and coffee. Avoid the intake of these items or keep them as low as possible. After consuming such items, if you must, brush, or at least rinse your teeth thoroughly to reduce any remnant effects.

But Still!

These are very effective and economical suggestions. Practice them, and chances of you having to whiten your teeth will reduce. But for various reasons like illness, certain medicines, gastric reflux, or hereditary tendencies, teeth can still go pale. In that case, you need to whiten your teeth or have them whitened.

Whitening at Home

If you feel your teeth are getting discolored or stained, the preference would be to try to whiten them at home. There are a few options for this, which you can try in the order below.

·         Whitening Pastes– A variety of whitening toothpaste are available over the counter. Try one or two of these, and they may help. If not, go for the next option below.

·         Whitening at Home– Whitening kits are available over the counter. These kits use a chemical that releases hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. It will bleach almost anything it comes in contact with. Therefore, the kits contain a tray that should fit over your teeth. When filled with the chemical and placed over the teeth, the trays should keep the chemical from spilling over to your gums. The trays are to be worn at least two hours a day for about two weeks. However, the trays are one-size-for-all and may not fit your teeth perfectly. There will be a chance of either tooth surfaces not being covered fully, or the accidental bleaching of the gums.

·         Supervised Whitening at Home– A safer option would be to get custom trays made for your teeth. Your dentist will do this for you so that the trays exactly fit your teeth. He will also give you chemicals in the right strength so that you can do the whitening in less time.

·         Whitening in Office– Home whitening takes weeks. And there are always chances of bleaching your gums also. Therefore, an option used by the more conscious people to have their teeth cleaned in the dental surgery. The dentist will cover your gums properly and then apply the chemical to your teeth. Since he or she is trained and certified and knows what he or she is doing, the dentist can apply a stronger chemical to speed up the whitening. He or she may use laser energy to speed up the chemical action for a faster, better job. In-office whitening will result in your teeth being many shades whiter. Office whitening can often be completed in two sittings in a single day.  

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