Solutions for People with Sensitive Teeth


If your teeth are feeling sensitive, then you need to do something to make them feel better. There are several solutions you can use at home to make them feel better, and you can also come to us to get help with your teeth and gums. The sensitive teeth might be a sign of a bigger issue than you realize, and you can come to us to know what is going on and get great care.

Take Care of Your Teeth Every Day

There are many ways you can care for your teeth every day, and one of the things you need to start doing when they are feeling sensitive is to avoid foods that bring on the sensitivity or that wear down your enamel. You will also want to make sure that you aren’t grinding your teeth, as that can add to the pain. You can come to us and see about getting a mouth guard to keep you from grinding the teeth or to learn about the foods to avoid.

Come to the Dentist Regularly

One of the ways you can help your teeth in every way, including keeping them from feeling too sensitive, is by visiting us regularly. You can learn about any kind of issue with your gums and teeth during your visits with us, and we will give you the best solution to every problem. Your teeth and gums will be at their best with regular dental visits.

Use the Right Tools and Products

While you are at our office, you can ask about which toothbrush would be best to use and whether or not you need to be using mouthwash. We will point you to a nice, soft toothbrush that will be good on your sensitive teeth. We can also recommend other products that you need to use or avoid using, and you can start using all of the right tools and products for your teeth with our help.

Get Regular Cleanings to Keep Your Teeth Healthy When your teeth are beginning to feel sensitive, it may be due to the plaque that has built on them. You need to come to us to get your teeth cleaned regularly to keep that from happening. When you have us care for your teeth, you will avoid teeth infections and more that can cause a sensitive feeling in your mouth and some major problems in it. Get the help of a good dentist like us to know that you are doing things right for your sensitive teeth.

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